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Many people find that meditation presents them with their greatest challenge at the beginning of this journey. To over-stimulated, busy people, it seems almost impossible to understand initially that the way to peace and joy is to sit still and do nothing. Many think that they need to "do" something in order to find peace. They do, but it is an inside job. Nothing "out there"- money, prestige, power, etc. - will bring you peace. Where you find peace, is in complete self-acceptance and self-love, and one of the easiest ways to get there, is through meditation. It is not a quick fix- it is a lifestyle choice. Make time in your busy schedule to BE rather than to do, and the possibilities for improvement in your life and health are boundless!

Here is a 15 minute meditation called Healing with Archangel Michael that is on Youtube ....http://youtu.be/aDgFYnwjusg

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A fabulous resource if you are starting out with meditation is Free Meditation.com

I will be adding to this page as I find meditations that I can share. 


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