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  • Winter Survival Package

Winter Survival Package

Price: £750 GBP

Reduce the stress and anxiety that the looming holiday season can generate with this Winter Wellness Package! Caroline will find out what your major sources of stress are & help to relieve them in a variety of ways.

Stress can really hamper your life, & comes from many sources!

Examples of stress inducing factors that we live with-

Work, relationships, finances, children, dysfunctional families, health, politics, religion, Christmas, food, addictions, emotional distress and more.

This package will reduce the levels of anxiety and stress in your life so that this winter you are able to live well, enjoy Christmas and feel better about yourself!

The package begins on the 21st November, & will include ten individual sessions and other helpful means to help you live well. Using a variety of tools, Caroline will establish what is needed & then help you to find your focus, feel more vitality, & remove the blocks you have to health and happiness! Enjoy winter- treat yourself!