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  • Positive Steps to Pregnancy Package

Positive Steps to Pregnancy Package

Price: £750

Whether you are planning for pregnancy, trying to get pregnant, or wanting your pregnancy to go well, this package is for you. There are many reasons why fertility rates are falling & pregnancy, the most natural process of all, has become challenging to many. Removing blocks to falling pregnant & identifying what the body needs in order to carry the baby to term are areas of success that Caroline has had with many clients. Family traits, emotional patterns, external factors, health stress, poor diet, & many other factors contribute to not falling pregnant, especially at Christmas when family want to know what's happening. Whilst this package is no guarantee of pregnancy, removing the blocks & issues that you have that are currently preventing the very thing that you desire will greatly enhance your chances of the end result happening. The package begins on the 19th November, & includes ten individual sessions and other helpful tools to assist you to get what you want.