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  • Super Serum

Super Serum

Super Serum

The Skin Trial Super Serum is only available to Members during the exclusive pre-release phase. Please contact me on how to get your super serum with bonus FREE Super Skin+ Complex, or join as a Member now to order yours and get big savings off retail pricing today!

The Facts: At Touchstone, we’ve fused nature’s most potent plant extracts into an exclusive triple treatment youth serum that will transform the look of your skin, naturally. We put the Super Serum to the test, with a 90-day skin trial. The results show the power of our proprietary plant phytonutrient blend to restore a radiant, youthful look. 

The results are in! 

96% smoother skin

86% wrinkles diminished

96% skin tone improvement 

86% skin felt mosturized

91% skin glows

***Satisfaction survey of 22 participants not connected to Touchstone Essentials in 90 day skin trials.

The Skin Trial Super Serum will retail for $119.95. During our limited pre-release, the Super Serum is available only to Members, for preferred pricing of $79.94, with a FREE Super Skin+ Complex. And it’s all backed by a 30-day “good inside” money-back-guarantee.

The Goods: Triple Treatment Transforms Skin

Working with extracts of the most nutritious healing plants, we cultivated, refined and perfected a youth serum. Starting at the cellular level, our proprietary blend of plant phytonutrients targets the appearance of three primary skin concerns.

Triple Treatment Transforms Skin

Proprietary Plant Phytonutrient Blend
Searing sun, drying winds, and environmental stress push plants to the brink. To thrive in punishing conditions, plants develop protective compounds. These micronutrients protect plant cells and some offer the same protection to skin cells, restoring a youthful look.Plant Phytonutrient Blend

Super Serum is Formulated WITHOUT
Parabens ǁ Artificial Colors
Phthalates ǁ Petroleum-based Chemicals
Silicones ǁ Formaldehyde
Mineral Oil ǁ Artificial Preservatives
Sulfates ǁ Synthetic Fragrances
All ingredients, including those from corn, soy and sugar beets, are non-GMO.

BONUS! Super Skin+ Complex FREE!
Super Skin+ Complex

During the limited pre-release, the Skin Trial Super Serum comes with a BONUS giveaway:

Super Skin+ Complex—a $64.92 value, yours FREE—to transform your skin from within.

This delicious drink mix delivers potent antioxidants—Super Vitamin E and Anti-Aging Astaxanthin—to protect skin cells against the primary environmental factors that age skin. Our proprietary skin cell therapy blend comes in a delicious, natural berry flavor and is only 12 calories per serving.*

As skin cells renew in 4 to 6 weeks, the result is a visibly younger look.*

To Buy the Product go to - Super Serum + Complex - hurry whilst the complex is still free! 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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