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Green Energy

The Story: Judging from the number of energy drinks on the market, our world is full of people running on empty. Most believe a shot of caffeine or other synthetic stimulant will do the trick. In reality, we just need to increase the oxygen flow in our bodies to combat fatigue and infuse it with natural energy.

Athletes aren’t the only ones who need oxygen for endurance. We all do — just to make it through the day. Poor digestion and bad diets can cause our red blood cells to clump, which limits the amount of oxygen they can carry to the body.

The Facts: Touchstone’s Green Energy has a unique blend of botanicals and proteolytic enzymes, which break down protein to keep our red blood cells flowing freely and able to deliver plenty of fresh oxygen to our cells and tissues. Green tea extract (decaffeinated, no less) aids in fatty acid metabolism, which also requires good oxygen flow, so they work very well together.*

The Goods: Green Energy Proprietary Blend (Green Tea Extract, Protease I, Protease II, Peptizyme SP®EN, Peptidase, Amylase, Amylase II, Lipase, Cellulase, Hemiseb™, Lactase, Maltase, Invertase, Bromelain, AMLA and Rutin), Organic rice flour

Serving: For clean energy, take one to three capsules daily.*

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