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  • Detox Plus Saver Pack

Detox Plus Saver Pack

The Story: Toxins are increasingly showing up in our bodies simply because they are everywhere in our environment. (You can thank coal-burning plants, fertilizers, household cleaners, and second-hand smoke, to name a few.) Fortunately, nature provides protection against many of the toxic elements we encounter every day. Clinoptilolite — a negatively - charged natural mineral zeolite — works like a magnet, attracting positively-charged toxins, carrying them out of the body within hours.*

Not every toxin is positively-charged for clinoptilolite to capture. And that’s where greens can supercharge your detoxification.

Greens like parsley, spinach and barley grass are full of chlorophyll — it’s what gives them their green color — and this natural pigment is known for its protective detoxification properties.*

Put them together and you have a detox plan that covers not just positively-charged heavy metals and toxins—but also those toxic volatile organics with a neutral charge—for a cleaner, greener you.*

The Goods: Supercharge your detox with a full month’s supply of Pure Body and Supergreens +D.

And with 1,000 iu of vegetarian vitamin D in every serving of Supergreens, you’ll get an extra immunity boost as you detox.*

(1) Supergreens +D (90 ct.) Three little capsules are like drinking two shots of grass juice (only this is easier to swallow)

(1) Pure Body (20 mL) Take 4 drops in water, 3 times a day


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