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Whilst posting yet another article on Facebook about the atrocities mankind is doing to the planet, I heard a very distinct voice from within say "Well, what are you going to do about it?"  

This lead me to thinking long and hard about what I am able to do and what it is that inspires me and I am passionate about. As the year of the snake (shedding old layers) moved into the year of the horse (freedom and new projects) I came to the conclusion that the thing that I am most sure about is that planting trees is what I need to do. 

I called a friend I had not spoken to in 15 years to ask what the requirements are for entry into Kenya, and it transpired that she had changed direction several years back and now runs a tree nursery and is in the process of setting up a seed bank to protect indigenous trees in Africa. I almost fell off my chair. It felt like as soon as the universe heard my clear yes to the idea, people started to appear that could help me with the project. Since then, it has been the same, I tell people about the project and they tell me about someone they know that may be able to help.

The essence of the plan is that I want to plant 1 million trees in Kenya.

I will need a lot of assistance in the form of builders, architects, workers, farming or agricultural knowledge and much more in order to be able to realise this dream. As well as some serious fund raising initiatives to raise the capital to accomplish this task.

Can you help? The idea is still in formation at this time, but as details are clarified, I will post on here to keep you up to date. I will be launching a crowd funding project in March/ April of 2014 and gathering all the details I need to write my business plan in March. 

If this project interests you or you have any contacts or information that may be useful, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

I look forward to hearing from you! 


Caroline Nettle 



The charities that I have chosen to support in the first instance are very close to my heart.


David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

Born Free Foundation

WDCS- Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society

The Marine Conservation Society

Friends of the Earth

The World Land Trust

The Conservation Foundation

International Flora and Fauna

Tree Sisters

Save the Children

Action Aid