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Boosting the Immune System

Boosting the Immune System

What Does the Immune System Do For Us?

The immune system is our defence mechanism against the outside world, disease and infection. It is a crucial part of our ability to stay healthy, and a compromised immune system can lead to very serious health issues.

The immune system expels pathogens, toxic chemicals and cells that may produce tumours. It is finely tuned and highly sophisticated and it seeks and destroys “foreign” particles so that they cannot harm you.

If it is not functioning as it should, this process cannot happen.

We are seeing millions of people worldwide succumbing to diseases that indicate a weakened or compromised immune system- asthma, allergies, arthritis, auto-immune disorders, diabetes, eczema, food intolerances, infections and inflammatory disorders.

If we look at asthma alone, between 100 and 150 million people suffer from the condition worldwide, and many of them are children. The number of reported cases increases all the time.

Despite the growing number of research papers that indicate that toxins affect our health, mainstream medicine seems to not yet comprehend the link between the prolific rise in the use of synthetic chemicals and the collective decline in our health.

Toxins negatively affect almost every aspect of the immune system. Some toxins and heavy metals stimulate the system to go into overdrive. This means that the immune system reacts to everything as if it were a threat, and the individual becomes increasingly over sensitive to the environment.

This can include the body mistakenly attacking itself, as with an auto-immune disease like rheumatoid arthritis or lupus. When an auto-immune disease occurs, the immune system had become confused between what is safe and what is a threat.

Other toxins cause the immune system to under-react, thus allowing diseases and infections to invade easily and colds, flu, and worse are frequent.

How Can You Tell If You Need To Boost Your Immune System?

When the immune system is functioning optimally, we are healthy.

When it gets attacked by environmental toxins, pesticides, herbicides, and pollutants in our air, water, and food, it loses its ability to fight off invaders.

Similarly, certain medications and recreational drugs, poor nutrition, high sugar intake, chronic disease, stress, infection, or advancing age all contribute to a weakened immune system.

Main Indications of a Compromised Immune System are:

Frequent colds and infections

Inability to get over colds and infections

Loss of appetite and weight loss

Skin rashes and cold sores

Increased severity of allergy symptoms

Tiredness all the time

What Can We Do To Boost The Immune System?

There are several ways of naturally boosting the immune system should you feel unwell. Traditional ones include high does of vitamin C, honey and lemon, and rest. Light exercise, meditation, deep breathing and yoga are also recommended when the immune system is compromised. Also, it is wise to avoid sugar, as this weakens the immune system for up to twenty minutes each time you eat it.

Other methods of boosting the immune system include massages, hot baths, and stress management techniques. Herbal remedies and a more positive outlook can also help, as well as alternative therapies and sometimes even counselling.

As we have said, toxins negatively affect every part of the immune system and thus prevent it from doing its’ job. Detoxifying the body of toxins and heavy metals using Pure Body is a safe and effect method which may boost your immune system.

This would allow it too more effectively fight disease and infection on your behalf. If you suffer from tiredness all the time, this product may help you to rid your body of the toxins that are likely to be interfering with the system that should be fighting your battles.

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This product does not treat or cure anything. It does remove heavy metals and toxins from your body and thus it will assist your body to heal. It is not a replacement for the advice from a GP or MD, and if you are already under their guidance, you should consult with them on all matters pertaining to your health.

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